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Fluid Mechanics

As a consulting partner, hexatransition offers a variety of different services, ranging especially from OpenFOAM and other commercial solver technologys (Ansys, Star-CCM+) to tailor made solutions for custom workflow and/or CFD problems.

We have a highly knowledge and experience in effective use of the OpenFOAM technology, dealing with all skill levels and, when required, client-specific problems.

Numerical Simulation

Numerical Simulations will be performed by using proper software. Specialised in OpenFOAM hexatransition provides compatetive solutions on low level of license costs.


Pre-processing includes CAD Processing, Meshing and setting of correct Boundary Conditions using relevant software packages


To get the best out of your product, experienced knowledge and fully automatized optimization algorithms are used within the OpenFOAM+Dakota framework. Latter one offers optimization with gradient and nongradient-based methods, parameter estimation with nonlinear least squares methods and sensitivity/variance analysis.


Post-Processing is done by Python and Paraview. Latter one is a tremendous framework in order to visualize the physics and uses high-level standard representations such as LIC, Volume Rendering, Ray-Casting.
End-to-end process-driven work flows, CAD -> meshing -> solution -> analysis -> optimisation
Specialised in external aerdoynamics and gasdynamics, buildings, vehicles, turbomachinery, wind energy, nozzle flow, supersonic flow,...
Internal flows, Conjugate-Heat.Transfer, thermal analysis, ...
Standard Phyics using RANS, DES, SAS, LES turbulence, incompressible and compressible, ...
Computing on own clusters for sensible data, cloud computing, power-on-demand, High-Performance Computing on HazelHen (HLRS Stuttgart)


hexatransition offers the whole range of digital product development within fluid dynamics at first hand: from conceptional design, up to geometric and functional optimization via validation using simulation.

Our Expertise in the areas of simulation, modelling, method development and process consulting empowers us to have a critical, detailed view while being able to take a look at highly complex systems as a whole.

Digital Product development, Optimization and Real-digital Convergence in the fields of aero- and gasdynamics will be carried out

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