Membrane FSI : OpenFOAM – precice – MBDyn


3D FSI lid driven cavity , coupling OpenFOAM – precice – MBDyn

Software: OpenFOAM V2306, Precice v2.5, MBDyn v1.7.3

This is a 3D FSI simulation of the well-known lid-driven cavity flow benchmark. In this FSI adapted version, the fixed bottom wall is a deformable membrane meanwhile the originally constant top velocity is substituted by an oscillatory one.

\overline{v}=1-cos\left(\frac{2\pi t}{5}\right)

A Newtonian constitutive law is considered in the fluid domain. The fluid and solid characteristic parameters are:


  • Density (ρ)= kg/m²
  • Kinematic Viscosity (ν) = 1e-02 m²/s


  • Density (ρ): 500 g/m3
  • Elastic modulus (E): 250 Pa
  • Poisson ratio (ν): 0.0

The time step is 0.01 seconds, while the total simulation time is 70.0 seconds.


The problem stated above has been solved using OpenFOAM – precice and MBDyn as structural solver. The obtained vorticity and velocity streamlines, together with the deformed geometry, are shown below. Besides, some comparisons with the reference solutions are depicted as well.

The vertical displacement over time of the center point at the bottom wall is shown in the following figure


Case files can be found here:


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